"Our kids grow up so fast. Don't let these memories slip away."

Gabriel S.

Who I am

Hey there, I'm Jenni, a German photographer who found her way to Sacramento in 2013. My world revolves around my three-year-old daughter, our horse, and our dog. When I'm not chasing after them, you'll find me exploring new photography spots on hikes and road trips. Photography isn't just a job for me; it's a passion that allows me to capture the beauty and stories of the world around me. Join me as we discover new vistas and create memories together

Berela Photography

a dream comes true

In 2023, with the unwavering support of friends, I took a bold step and opened my own studio—Berela Photography. Named after my parents, it's a tribute to the love and inspiration they've given me. Every detail, from the logo to the decor, reflects the cherished people in my life. Join me on this journey of capturing memories and creating lasting connections. Welcome to Berela Photography!

What Photography means to me

Photography, for me, is more than just snapping pictures. It's about preserving memories that we can hold onto, like little treasures, ready to brighten our days whenever we need them. There's something deeply personal and comforting about knowing that a photograph can transport us back to a moment in time, evoking the same emotions and feelings we experienced then. It's like having a collection of memories at our fingertips, ready to remind us of the beauty and joy that surrounds us.